Watermelon Juice


Vancouver has had the best weather this summer, sunny and hot. While that means my apartment is way too hot to sleep in, it also means perfect weather for beaching. When i'm going to be in the heat all day, I love bringing cold drinks to keep me hydrated. My go-to this summer has been watermelon juice, which I honestly cannot describe- it's too delicious for words. All I can say is, make it! It's too good. 

Summertime Magic- Childish Gambino


1/2 small (personal) watermelon, refrigerated
1 lime, skin peeled off


Scoop the insides of the watermelon into a blender. Add the peeled lime,  and about a half a cup of ice. Blend until smooth. Add more ice, if desired. 
I like my watermelon juice thick, so I drink it as is. If you prefer a thinner juice, pour the contents of the blender through a strainer, then serve.