Coconut Yogurt


I LOVE Greek yogurt. Love it. My body, on the other hand, does not love it at all. I'm not a fan of store bought non-dairy yogurts either- they're either too sweet, too expensive or full of funky ingredients. That's why I was so psyched to try Minimalist Baker's 2 ingredient coconut yogurt. It took a couple failed tries to get it right- see the ingredient list for my recommendations on how to get it right the first time. It's smooth, tangy and so delicious. I like mine unsweetened, but you can easily add agave or honey after putting it in the fridge for added sweetness.

Nevermind- Dennis Lloyd


1 can coconut milk (the only kind i've found that works is the whole foods 365 brand)
2 capsules of probiotics (professional grade works best, I use Cytomatrix multi-strain 11)


Shake the coconut milk well, then pour it into a bowl or jar. Open the probiotic capsules and pour the powder into the milk. Stir with a wooden spoon (not metal!) until combined. Cover the bowl or jar with cheesecloth or a porous washcloth. Let sit for 2 days in a warm place (if your apartment is cold, try putting it in the oven with the light on), then put into the fridge until set.

Recipe from Minimalist Baker