Vanilla Matcha Smoothie

Happy New Year! I always like to start January with a simple cleanse. The holidays are indulgent, filled with gingerbread cake, wine, chocolate... So it feels great to reset my body and start the new year with a clean slate. There's tons of different cleanses out there ranging from extreme (juice cleanses, fasting) to easier, less intense cleanses. Cleanses can be fantastic for resetting, but also can be harmful to metabolism if done for too long, or too restrictive. Naturopathic doctors are trained in nutrition and can design a cleanse suitable for you and your body. 

As for my January cleanse, I keep it easy: smoothies in the morning, lots of whole foods and proteins, no dairy or gluten, and limited sugar and alcohol. My go-to smoothie is this vanilla matcha: it tastes like a treat even though it's packed with nutrients! Matcha, along with being a powerful antioxidant, is caffeinated so I get an extra energy boost. Of course, it doesn't need to be part of a cleanse, it's a great breakfast on the go or a tasty snack. 

Childish Gambino- Redbone


1 cup almond milk
½ frozen banana
2 cups spinach
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I really like Genuine Health)
1 tsp matcha powder
4-5 ice cubes


Add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth. If you don't have protein powder, add an extra half banana, a half teaspoon of vanilla extract, and honey to taste. 

Disclaimer: Information can be empowering, but we all have unique health profiles and needs. Health-related information contained in this post is intended to be general in nature and should not be used as a substitute for a visit with a Naturopathic Doctor. The advice is intended to offer only a general basis for individuals to discuss their medical condition with their health care provider.  Always consult your licensed Naturopathic Physician.