Iced Latte


Helllllllllooooo iced coffee! These have been getting me through the final semester of school. I make them in the morning, stick them in the fridge at school, and enjoy them later in the afternoon. 

I LOVE coffee. Obviously. However, when drinking coffee, I have to be aware of my water intake. Generally speaking, you should be drinking about 1 mL of water for every kcal you consume during the day. For the 'average' diet, that's about 2000 calories in the day = 2 litres of water each day. 

HOWEVER! Coffee is a diuretic, which means it encourages the loss of body fluids. So, for every cup of coffee you drink, add a cup of water to your total daily water intake. 

One tip for this recipe: instead of making a fresh pot of coffee to freeze into cubes, I use the cold coffee that I don't drink in the morning. After I'm done my coffee and there's some left in the pot, I just use that to make the ice cubes. No waste, no problems! 

The Paper Kites- Featherstone


8-10 coffee or espresso ice cubes
1 cup soy milk


Make strong coffee or espresso, and pour into ice cube mold. Freeze for 12+ hours. 
To make the latte, add coffee cubes to a glass or jar, and pour soy over top. Let sit for about 5 minutes, stir and sip. 


Disclaimer: Information can be empowering, but we all have unique health profiles and needs. Health-related information contained in this post is intended to be general in nature and should not be used as a substitute for a visit with a Naturopathic Doctor. The advice is intended to offer only a general basis for individuals to discuss their medical condition with their health care provider.  Always consult your licensed Naturopathic Physician.